Dimple whisky Gold Crest


Of Scottish origin, the new Gold Crest represents the tradition of secular whiskey skill and attention to detail.


Dimple Whisky Golden Crest

The attention to detail is locked inside the bottle of Dimple Whisky Golden Crest. This expression will provide you a true blended scotch experience.

Inside the iconic bottle of Dimple Whisky lies the secular whisky production tradition. The Golden Crest is blended from another Dimple Whiskies and is aged for 15 years in three kinds of oak barrels: American and European Sherry Oak and also Ex-Bourbon casks. The result is a richer flavour and body than we are used to taste.

The blend to produce this expression is mainly made by combining malt and grain whiskies. Having a golden amber colour and a round finish, it is possible to taste notes of brazil nuts, honey and coffee.



Volume: 700ml

Alcoholic content: 40% by volume


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